What is Missouri Madness?

Missouri Madness is a fun project launched by AFP-MO designed to educate citizens on current legislation at the Federal, State, and Local levels and give patriots a voice on which bills are the “BEST” and “WORST” for our economy and freedoms.

Our elected officials will know Missouri residents are not only watching, but taking an active role in determining which bills are foul play and which ones are slam dunks (get it). Now get to voting and let your friends know you have the best bracket to restore Missouri’s economy and promote individual liberty!

WHY Missouri Madness?

America’s economic future still remains uncertain and Missouri is not immune from further economic problems if pro-growth smaller government policies are not implemented. 2013 started with a tax hike at the federal level when the 2% payroll tax was reinstated resulting in working Americans have less disposable income than they did in 2012. Unemployment remains near 8%. There is tremendous economic uncertainty surrounding the implementation of Obamacare by businesses. Plus, the federal government is projected to spend even MORE in 2013 than it did in 2012, further increasing our $16 trillion dollar debt with no balanced budget in site. Policy makers need to understand at the federal, state and local levels that we need to cut spending, institute policies that will grow this economy and shrink the overall size and scope of government at all levels.

That is why Americans for Prosperity Missouri is launching The Missouri Madness project now GO VOTE on the “Best” and “Worst” bills.

AFP Municipal Project - NoMOSpending.com

This January Americans for Prosperity MO launched an effort to assemble information on all types of tax increases, fee increases, bonding measures, use taxes, etc. on April ballots across Missouri. We found Missourians will vote on over 229 proposed tax increases in local elections this April. A staggering 80% of Missouri counties have at least one form of a tax increase proposal on the ballot.


Sign Petition

Please join us and sign the petition and let our local, state and federal leaders know that we are taxed enough!



Login via Facebook to vote for the “Best” and “Worst” bills in terms of impacting our economic freedom and liberty.

Upcoming Events

Tax Day Rally at the Capitol
Missouri Madness
Winning Bills Announced
Mon April 15

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